Employee Engagement

When employees don’t feel invested in their work, they disengage and disappear—costing you up to a third of their salary to replace. We’ll give you tools to build and manage a workforce that’s more connected to their jobs from day one.

Applicant tracking
Find the right candidates

An engaged workforce starts with hiring the right people. SmartLinx Applicant Tracker does the job. Create job postings in minutes, pre-screen applicants automatically, and home in on a shortlist of qualified and highly enthusiastic candidates in no time.

smartlinx employee engagement page on a desktop

Streamlined operations
Simplify the way you work

Outdated, clunky processes are a source of stress for employees. Give your people an easy, intuitive way to manage their schedules, communicate with you, and stay in the loop, right from time clocks, their phones, and more.

Show your people they matter

No employee wants to chase down HR to request pay stubs, missing punch corrections or PTO balances. With SmartLinx, employees can view their schedules, request vacation time, see their payroll history and more on the time clock and their mobile devices—so they feel like the empowered and valued members of your team they are.

Custom communications
Stay connected with staff

With SmartLinx, you can engage with your employees at the one place they visit at minimum twice a day: the time clock. Wish them a happy birthday, remind them of doughnuts in the breakroom, or request their response to a compliance survey, so they never forget how important they are to your operation.

Together, we can create a more engaging work experience

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