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Time Clocks

Technology has transformed the way we work. So have our time clocks. Made in the USA and fully integrated with the SmartLinx suite, our intelligent, touchless clocks offer a whole new level of flexibility, accuracy, and reliability. The thermal-sensing touchless time clocks limit the spread of germs and prevent workers with fevers from entering the facility.  

Flexible options
Let staff clock in where & how they want

With SmartLinx, employees can punch in the way they want. With in-office time clocks and web-based and mobile options, employees can always log their time and address missing or incorrect punches — greatly minimizing work for managers.

Unprecedented accuracy
Protect your budget - and data

Stop losing money on time theft and wasting resources on correcting missed punches. Our state-of-art time clocks feature a range of capabilities that promote accountability ranging from biometric-enabled fingerprint scanners and proximity badges to touchless time clocks with unique QR codes.  Automated backups and secure storage in the cloud and protect your data in case of network outages or unexpected events.

Easy engagement
Captivate employees with user-friendly interactions

Send personalized messages and reminders to staff as they punch — you can even accept answers to questionnaires or surveys directly on the clock. Employees can see their schedules, check accruals and request time off, so everyone’s always in the loop.

Personalized messaging

Custom questionnaires

Schedule and license restrictions

Assignment transfers

Missing punch reports

PTO requests

Employees have told me how much they like viewing their punch history. We also love the forced personal messages. We are able to remind employees if their license is getting ready to expire, of company surveys and about mandatory training."

Nicole Eaton
Payroll Manager, Trilogy Health Services

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