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Time & Attendance

What if you could see your entire staff’s attendance at a glance? SmartLinx makes it easy to instantly monitor your employees’ time, enforce pay policies, and analyze trends to make better decisions.

Comprehensive oversight
Track, review, and edit in real time

Get an up-to-the-minute view of every punch in, punch out, absence, and overtime for all employees. Empower employees to correct their own punches and approve those requests with a click.

smartlinx daily punches time and attendance dashboard on a laptop

Easy enforcement
Manage costs by enforcing pay policies

Prevent time theft, buddy punching, and excessive overtime. Only allow punches at the right time and location, thanks to our flexible rule engine. And ensure accountability and accuracy with touchless or fingerprint-enabled time clocks, built in the U.S.

Intelligent insights
Make informed decisions

Analyze performance against schedule, receive proactive alerts about overtime, and elevate your workforce planning with insights on employee turnover, hours, and number of manual corrections.

Get everything working better together

Our Time and Attendance product integrates directly with Schedule Optimizer, Payroll, and our intelligent time clocks. It’s one complete system for ensuring total accuracy, automatically.

Monitor and control overtime

Perform real-time queries

Track exceptions & absences

Easily edit or correct timecards

Automatically process differentials

Prohibit non compliant punch-ins

"We were looking for a system for both Time & Attendance and Scheduling, and SmartLinx was the only full-featured system with the management capabiltiies, flexibility, tech support, and maintenance plan that met our requirements. Without doubt the system has paid for itself already."

Monica Bustamante
CIO, Moravian Hall Square

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