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What if your payroll system handled all the details for you? SmartLinx Payroll makes payroll management effortless and frustration-free without sacrificing flexibility and power.

Easy automation
Eliminate payroll hassles

Let’s face it: Payroll is one of your biggest priorities, and you need it processed quickly and accurately, every time. SmartLinx Payroll takes errors (human or otherwise) out of the equation and handles everything from special hours and deductions to scheduling and overrides—so you can focus your energies on work, not worries.

Intuitive integration
Connect with other systems quickly and easily

Integrate the SmartLinx solutions suite with your other systems to make managing payroll and benefits easier than ever.

Worry-free compliance
Gain peace of mind with reporting and compliance

Stay on top of it all and automatically generate reports, including deductions in arrears and employee benefit histories. SmartLinx Payroll makes sure you’re always in compliance, including with the Affordable Care Act.

Payroll used to be a very labor-intensive process each week and now with SmartLinx the time required to process payroll has been reduced by 50%."

Diane Kane
Controller, The Bradley Home

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