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Schedule Optimizer

Inefficient scheduling can wreak havoc on your workflow—not to mention your bottom line. Schedule Optimizer makes sure the right people are in the right place at the right time, every time.

Easy & efficient
Generate smart schedules in seconds

With Schedule Optimizer, you can create schedules that can adapt in real-time to your changing needs — all with a few clicks. Mobile access and automated features make it easy to find replacements, and ensure you’re always properly staffed and compliant.

a smartlinx dashboard pulled up on a laptop
Laptop with Schedule Organizer

Overtime management
Predict and reduce costly overtime

Stop overtime costs from chipping away at your bottom line. Because Schedule Optimizer is integrated with Time & Attendance, you’ll always have the real-time data you need to spot and eliminate unplanned overruns before they happen.

Intelligent optimization
Schedule around your most difficult challenges

Stay on top of ever-changing regulatory requirements, personnel rotations—including agency employees—and even unexpected call-outs and staff turnover. Notify eligible employees and confirm replacements quickly and easily via text messages.

Cell Phone Messaging

Create your ideal schedule

Identify your best staff mix & avoid scheduling conflicts.

Predict overtime

Use real-time data to predict overtime, and course correct to prevent it.

Remain fully staffed

Open shifts are automatically posted when you are under schedule.

Proactive alerts

Our intuitive console sends alerts when you are over or under your ideal schedule.

Post shifts with 1 click

With Quick Post, open-shift management is easier than ever.

Engage with employees

See all related employee communication on a single screen.

"SmartLinx definitely enhanced our ability to be able to do more predictive staffing, and to be able to look at how we can best care for all of our residents."

Barbara Dimercurio
SVP and Chief Nursing Officer, Trilogy Health Services

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