Labor Cost Reduction

If you don’t control your labor costs, they control you. SmartLinx gives you the visibility, real-time data, and automated functionality you need to keep costs at a minimum without compromising quality or compliance.

Total transparency
See exactly where your budget is going

Get a clear breakdown of how every dollar of your labor budget is being spent – from location-specific details to enterprise-wide trends – all on a simple, intuitive, and accessible dashboard that’s available anytime, anywhere.

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Laptop and Phone with Schedule Application

Custom configurations
Establish a new operational standard. Yours.

SmartLinx gives you the power to staff your operation your way. Create standardized time rules that automatically form the ideal schedule, cap overtime, flag policy violations – like early punch-ins or late punch-outs – and more. SmartLinx can handle any rule you dream up.

Predictive and automated
Never miss an opportunity to save

We’re as concerned about your bottom line as you are. That’s why SmartLinx automatically alerts you to understaffing that could incur fines, suggests the most cost-effective replacement for a call-out, and more – all to help you put more money in the bank.

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