Your people are your most valuable asset. They’re also one of your biggest expenses. Get the workforce insights you need to increase your margins, gain consistency and predictability in spend, and take the right actions for enterprise-wide savings.

Transform workforce data into business profit

SmartLinx aggregates workforce data from across your organization into a single, intuitive interface. Uncover the savings hiding behind staffing inefficiencies and overtime, and rest easy knowing you’ve got full visibility into every corner of your operation.

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Pinpoint new cost savings

Easily drill down into any facility to see habitual patterns, compliance risks, and which facilities are doing great—or dragging everyone down.

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Gain a permanent operational edge

Whether it’s managing abuse of time, optimizing hours to keep staff happy, or eliminating favoritism in scheduling, we provide the answers in one place, in real time.

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Work with a single, trusted partner

Since our inception in 2000, we’ve become the chosen workforce management system for over 4,300 businesses, with nearly a million users throughout the U.S.

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Having a partner like SmartLinx, with a management team devoted to making sure we are getting the value from their product, has been invaluable.”

Scott Hines
CFO, Medicalodges

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