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Payroll-Based Journal

What if you could make Payroll-Based Journal reporting worry-free? We’ll simplify and automate the entire process, minimizing your risk and maximizing your time—and your peace of mind.

Automated. Accurate. Auditable.

No more scrambling to accumulate PBJ data. SmartLinx automatically collects and classifies your employee data per CMS regulations—including tricky stuff like overnight shifts or contractor hours—so it’s accurate and audit-ready at the click of a button.

a smartlinx dashboard pulled up on a laptop

Fast, easy electronic filing

Spare yourself the manual data entry. With a few clicks, SmartLinx aggregates all your data into an XML file that’s submission-ready and 100% compliant with CMS formatting standards—so filing is quick and painless.

A strong foundation for whatever's next

PBJ isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. That’s why SmartLinx keeps a clear audit trail, complete with your source data and processing history. No matter what surprises PBJ has in store, we’ll give you the tools so you’ll be armed and ready with the documentation you need.

"We had a 2,000-page report with over 62,000 errors, all from the payroll vendor that said they "got" PBJ. I spent over 60 hours rebuilding the entire process. With SmartLinx, PBJ reporting took me 45 seconds to run, and it took two minutes to submit to CMS. So, hey, 60 hours versus 2 minutes? Hands down."

Mordechai Finkel
Director of Human Resources, Greek American Rehabilitation & Care Centre

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