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SmartLinx Staffing Marketplace provides visibility into your entire staffing ecosystem in real-time—so you can make better business decisions around your largest business expense and take control of your agency spend.

The process for filling empty shifts has grown cumbersome for long-term care facilities as agency staffing is labor intensive, error-prone, and risky, yet mission-critical to maintaining your standards of care and important in helping you to avoid compliance penalties.

Identify Tomorrow’s Agency Staffing Solutions, Today

SmartLinx Staffing Marketplace automates end-to-end agency management for you and allows you to request and fill shifts from the largest staffing agencies on the market – right from your SmartLinx platform.

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Fill Shifts Faster and Control your Agency Spend

Fill shifts faster with SmartLinx Staffing Marketplace by streamlining your staffing systems into one, giving you access to everything you need in one place—your platform.

Provide the Highest Quality Care

With fewer scheduling gaps and errors, higher employee retention, and improved compliance resulting in streamlined facility operations, SmartLinx Staffing Marketplace supports your ability to provide the highest quality care.

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Take Control of Your Staffing Spend Gain

Save money by eliminating manual labor associated with agency management and protect your bottom line from lost revenue and fines due to double-booking, gaps in care, compliance penalties, and inaccurate invoices. Additionally, you can add shifts to your SmartLinx PBJ reporting (if applicable).

Ensure accuracy for reporting

with automated and integrated intelligent data entry for spend and logistics.

Increase retention and job satisfaction

with technology that makes your staff’s jobs easier and more flexible.

Improve your invoice reconciliation process

by utilizing clock results, eliminating potential human error.

"I have more confidence in our organization’s ability to minimize and control the risks around the industry’s increasing dependency on agency staff."

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