Human Resources

HR should be all about people, not paperwork. Let us lend a hand with everything from hiring and onboarding to PTO approvals and regulatory reports, so you can focus on what matters most—creating a great place to work.

Simplify your day, and elevate theirs

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Create a better employee experience

Reduce scheduling conflicts, improve communication, and engage your people by connecting everybody to a single, easily accessible, user-friendly hub.

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Put more power in their hands

Make it effortless for employees to submit open shift requests, request time off, access pay stubs, fix missing punches and more—right from the convenience of their smartphones.

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Liberate yourself from silos

Free up more time for creativity and strategic thinking by bringing your entire world of HR, from compliance to payroll, into one secure and centralized location.

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Hire the best talent, faster

Stop drowning in job postings and resumes. Our Applicant Tracker does the hard stuff for you. From pre-screening candidates to onboarding new hires, you can do it all quickly and easily on our system.

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"Within the first pay period, we saw over $10,000 in savings. This system really pays for itself!"

Mordechai Finkel
Director of Human Resources, Greek American Rehabilitation & Care Centre

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