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No matter your industry, role or goal, Smartlinx helps you simplify the complex, cut through the clutter, and uncover hidden opportunities.
They talk to each other. Share real-time data. Integrate seamlessly to give you a fast, intuitive, and completely connected experience. Together, our unified product suite is all you need to enable your workforce to perform at its best, and you at yours. Go ahead and get to know the Smartlinx suite of products.
From setup and implementation, to training and ongoing support, we’re your partner every step of the way.
Welcome to our Resource Hub, devoted to overcoming the daily challenges of workforce management. From employee engagement and staffing to scheduling and compliance — let's make work, work better!
At Smartlinx, our end goal is to enable our customers to harness the potential of their greatest asset: people.

Hospitals & Health Systems Software

Hospitals and Health System Software

Hospital and health system teams answer a special calling—providing exceptional patient care to people living with uncertainty and pain. A strong health system needs compassionate and committed staff dedicated to prioritizing care while overseeing administrative details that keep facilities working at their best.

That mission becomes more challenging in a field where regulatory compliance, burnout, and employee turnover are realities. You take on these challenges each day to answer your calling, and we’re here to help.
Purpose-built For Healthcare, Always Innovating.

Purpose-built For Healthcare, Always Innovating.

Smartlinx was founded 2000 based on our experience as business owners in healthcare. Our founders saw the unique challenges hospitals and health systems face in delivering outstanding care while meeting efficiency and quality expectations. When we couldn’t find a better way to resolve these issues, we created one.

Today, we’re still pursuing that vision with innovative technology and tools built just for healthcare professionals. Smartlinx is comprehensive healthcare technology platform that supports your day-to-day oversight, compliance, staffing, and cost containment efforts from a single, simple platform. Smartlinx is devoted to transforming the experience of leadership, adminstrators, caregivers, and (ultimately) patients. Partnering with us means partnering with a leader who understands your challenges and focuses on meeting them head-on.

Workforce Management for Healthcare All In One Platform

Workforce Management for Healthcare All In One Platform

Smartlinx helps you harness the power of your organization’s data to work for you.

The healthcare industry supports people and must constantly change and improve to meet their needs.  To keep pace with our customers, Smartlinx stays a step ahead with an emphasis on current challenges and an eye toward future developments.  Smartlinx’s platform is purpose-built for our industry, with the ability to sense your near future staffing needs and ever-changing compliance requirements and adapt to your business’s needs, all in real-time. SmartLinx is a powerful solution for an ever-evolving industry, giving you tools to:

  • Optimize employee efficiency and lower labor costs with our intelligent scheduler, integrating scheduling with time and attendance
  • Use real-time insights to make smarter business decisions, faster.
  • Centralize agency and staff management with one hospital human resource management platform that combines an applicant tracking system (ATS), WFM, and a mobile app.
  • Get real-time visibility into staffing to reduce shortages and overtime for better patient care and cost containment.
  • Empower staff to be more productive with innovative technology that streamlines unique hospital and health system workflows.

We continually improve our platform through partnerships with busy healthcare professionals like you. As the market and its expectations continue to change, we’ll be there with you, developing valuable functionality to solve new challenges.

Whatever your healthcare administration and management needs are—and will be—count on Smartlinx to handle them. Our solution gives you the information and bandwidth to focus on the core of your business—your patients and their care.

Customized Solutions For You and Your Healthcare Team

Customized Solutions For You and Your Healthcare Team

Smartlinx supports custom configurations to make your administrative tasks simpler. From running reports on an automated basis to integrating facility-specific initiatives, your operations are straightforward on our intuitive platform.

Use our full-featured software to:

  • Access real-time data to make real-time decisions.
  • Eliminate work fragmentation by grouping information and workflows in a single platform.
  • Create census-driven forecasts for care demand.
  • Build custom shift-hour schedules and payroll reports based on data insights and facility needs.
  • Integrate tailored staff surveys into time and attendance tools to ensure team needs are met.
  • Incorporate necessary health screenings to control the spread of communicable illnesses.
Seamless Hospital Nurse Management Software

Seamless Hospital Nurse Management Software

Develop and execute the schedule that works best for your hospital or health system and its staff. Our automated scheduling tool delivers detail and visibility to granular levels so you can manage staffing requirements with confidence. Benefit from real-time usage and communication across groups, keeping every team member up-to-date, no matter which shifts they work or roles they fill.

With Smartlinx, you:

  • Reconcile time and attendance, scheduling, and payroll in one simple interface, putting an end to time theft and profit leaking.
  • Track staff across departments for more accurate forecasting and reporting.
  • Identify top performers for recognition and reward opportunities.
  • Prevent staff burnout and contain overtime costs.
  • Fill shifts faster by communicating changes and availability and sharing them quickly.
  • Control overtime and agency spend.

Plus, you do it all from one enterprise-wide platform—no more switching between multiple interfaces to accomplish everyday management tasks.

Elevated Nurse and Employee Engagement

Elevated Nurse and Employee Engagement

Improve the caregiver experience and increase engagement with Smartlinx. Our robust set of user-friendly tools boosts your reputation as an employer, helping you attract and retain top healthcare talent and build better morale. We include features for team members to:

  • View schedules, swap, and pick up shifts directly from their mobile devices with our convenient Smartlinx Go mobile app and push notifications.
  • Access and update personal information.
  • Review pay stubs, histories, and salary data.
  • Request money instantly via mobile devices through RAIN same-day-pay integration, reducing financial stress.
  • Submit time-off requests and receive notifications of approval.

Our platforms are easy for team members to use, regardless of how tech-savvy they are. The simplicity and seamlessness nurture their sense of satisfaction and create hassle-free experiences that allow them to focus on and deliver better patient care.

Don’t Get Bogged Down with Regulatory Compliance

Don’t Get Bogged Down with Regulatory Compliance

Stay on top of regulatory compliance with ease. Our straightforward compliance interface allows you to accurately track and compile the data necessary to support CMS compliance and align with state and federal laws.

Access critical information based on custom parameters with a few simple clicks on the Smartlinx platform. Ensure better compliance while enjoying benefits like:

  • Saving labor and time on audit report compilation.
  • Automating calculations for better accuracy.
  • Mitigating risk and reducing liability from human error during manual inputs.
  • Feeling confident and prepared for required audits with comprehensive, compliant reports.

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Streamlined Operations

Manage daily tasks, from payroll to time and attendance, using a single, easy-to-use, and enterprise-wide console.
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Employee Engagement

Access tools to develop a more connected, communicative, and empowered workforce to combat turnover and promote retention.
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Regulatory Compliance

Automate compliance to state and federal regulations to boost your reputation and reduce risk.
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Staff Performance

Use real-time analytics to increase efficiency and dive into the latest quality measures.
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Employee Scheduling

Optimize schedules with software built specifically for assisted living facilities.
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Thousands of facilities provide better care thanks to SmartLinx, including:

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Get complete visibility into staff, scheduling, compliance, and costs from one powerful platform. Smartlinx lets you manage and engage your team, ensure floor coverage meets patient needs, resolve discrepancies, and compile audit reports from an easy-to-use interface. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more doing what you love — caring for patients. Schedule your free demo today to learn more about what our innovative technology can do for you.

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