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They talk to each other. Share real-time data. Integrate seamlessly to give you a fast, intuitive, and completely connected experience. Together, our unified product suite is all you need to enable your workforce to perform at its best, and you at yours. Go ahead and get to know the SmartLinx suite of products.

Our products
Time & Schedule

Manage staffing hours better, cut overtime costs, sync with payroll and more.

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Our products
People & Payroll

Hiring, onboarding, and beyond — all your HR lives here.

Our products

Take the complexity — and anxiety — out of compliance once and for all.

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Blue Employee Meeting

Our products

Turn real-time data into actionable insights to improve business outcomes.

Having the components of HR, time & attendance, PBJ, and the other features under one umbrella is the most helpful thing to us as a company."

Maribeth Shelton
Assistant Administrator, Cumberland Valley Manor

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