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No matter your industry, role or goal, Smartlinx helps you simplify the complex, cut through the clutter, and uncover hidden opportunities.
They talk to each other. Share real-time data. Integrate seamlessly to give you a fast, intuitive, and completely connected experience. Together, our unified product suite is all you need to enable your workforce to perform at its best, and you at yours. Go ahead and get to know the Smartlinx suite of products.
From setup and implementation, to training and ongoing support, we’re your partner every step of the way.
Welcome to our Resource Hub, devoted to overcoming the daily challenges of workforce management. From employee engagement and staffing to scheduling and compliance — let's make work, work better!
At Smartlinx, our end goal is to enable our customers to harness the potential of their greatest asset: people.


Hear what our clients are saying

Smartlinx has made it easy for us to access information and exercise control of labor expense throughout our organization. We have the real-time information we need to make better decisions; this is turn has created improved staffing levels and because we can project the staffing levels down the road, we are able to make better hiring decisions.

In addition, the support we receive from Smartlinx is tremendous. Whenever we need help, we either call or submit a request online and it is always taken care of quickly and by someone who knows what they are doing, usually in an hour or less.

Jeff Dunkle, Corporate Controller
Wesley Enhanced Living

Smartlinx's total integration of Time & Attendance, HR, Payroll, Schedule Optimizer & Business Analytics has given us the tools needed to improve our overall financial success! Financial and staffing decisions can be made daily based on today's census and what the census will be tomorrow. Mangers are able to make adjustments based on current information. Employee engagement tools such as SMS Messaging and the Smartlinx App have given our employees the capabilities to view their schedules, request time off and view their pay stubs easily.

To have all this information at the touch of your fingertips will save you time and money as well as give you the ability to make good financial decisions. It is simply a fantastic system for companies in the long-term/skilled nursing business. It is very easy to use and learn to use.

Lori Ann Piracci, Director of HR
Oriol Health Care

The new time clocks and the software updates on the old clocks are great! Employees have told me how much they like the new feature where they can view their last punch and view their punch history. We also love the forced personal messages. As a large company working in healthcare, it's super important to make sure everyone stays compliant; with this feature we are able to remind employees about company surveys, mandatory training, and if their licenses are going to expire. You can use this feature for one particular employee, a department or a whole facility. You can report off of this feature too, so you can see who all read the message, and when! Overall, the new time clocks are so much better and have more functionality versus the old time clocks and software.

Nicole Eaton, Payroll Manager
Trilogy Health Services

Smartlinx accrual of our employees' benefit time has simplified and streamlined my time spent on accruals, and front loading Quarterly reports, taxes and file uploads are manageable. I recently had several payroll reports that required immediate attention, needing to be done quickly. Using the Smartlinx packages we possess, I was able to figure it out how to complete the reports on time. Whenever I run into a snag, your customer support team has been quick to solve my problem.

Sue Parkovic, HR Coordinator
The Middletown Home

Payroll used to be a very labor-intensive process each week and now with Smartlinx the time required to process payroll has been reduced by 50%. The availability to track employee benefits and PTO has been very fruitful for our company. Smartlinx has a very useful tool in recording, calculating, and tracking employee schedules, attendance, and wages. It has also been helpful in maintaining and calculating PTO accruals.

Diane Kane, Controller
The Bradley Home and Pavilion

We chose Smartlinx primarily due to their industry knowledge and their PBJ solution. We love the scheduling software because we can see our PPDs in real-time and can easily send text messages to groups of individuals to fill open shifts. Our employees love the Mobile ESS app because they have easy access to view their paycheck and accruals. Finally we lave the one database where data flows easily from scheduling to time and attendance to payroll and human resources. It is great software for any healthcare company.

Elizabeth Cogavin, CFO
Oriol Health Care

The Training and follow-up since implementing Smartlinx has been great. Our managers have taken it and run with it. The transparency of information is tremendous from a corporate office perspective. As a Controller, I love statistics and numbers. Smartlinx has allowed me and our campuses to slice and dice the information to truly understand the who/what/when/where/whys of payroll. There's no more 'system' or 'I didn't know' excuses, it's all there to explain.

Jason Harnisch, Controller
Nye Health Services

Smartlinx has given us a strong element of control over our labor costs. The Schedule Optimizer product provides the information that enables us to optimize our staffing levels, and as a result, we have realized substantial cost savings. This sophisticated system is reliable and flexible. Combined with the Time & Attendance module, the fully integrated system allows us to set and enforce complex work rules automatically.

The support staff is responsive and knowledgeable not only on their products, but they also have an understanding of long-term care staffing. They have also been very helpful in working with us to define best practices.

Ken Scharf, CIO
King's Harbor

The training we received from Smartlinx was great! The trainer had a great deal of knowledge and was able to get things changed on the system to work for us immediately so that we were not delayed in getting schedules entered. We also saw a major difference in the employee knowledge from one system to the next and that improvement was outstanding.

Lori Senk, Administrator
Clover Lakes Healthcare

Very satisfied with the team assigned to the conversion/implementation. Very timely communication and follow-up, would definitely recommend to others.

Paul Kemp, CFO
Alliance Health Services

We have been using Smartlinx Scheduling Time and Attendance, and Payroll for several years. As we continue to refine processes and find efficiencies in today's tightening reimbursement environment we have asked all our vendor partners for utilization reviews. Smartlinx, being one of our most important partners with the management of labor costs, was no exception. Smartlinx was able to put together a utilization review presented by a very knowledgeable group, including Smartlinx senior management, that was full of very valuable information. Having a partner like Smartlinx with a management team devoted to making sure we are getting the value from their product, has been invaluable.

Scott Hines, CFO

We selected Smartlinx because they understand what it takes to operate a long-term care facility, and this understanding has been integral in helping us achieve our goals. With Schedule Optimizer and Time & Attendance, we have gained savings by reducing overtime and eliminating
our use of agency employees. Smartlinx has allowed us to refine and improve how we manage our largest expense: labor cost.

Norman Snowberger, CFO
Lorien Health Systems

We are very pleased with both the Scheduling and Time & Attendance Systems. Schedule Optimizer is able to accommodate us with daily complex scheduling needs in our skilled nursing facility setting. The four time clocks that we are using have been working great and work nicely with Time & Attendance.

Penny Hefferon, CFO
Iroquois Nursing Home

I just wanted to let you know that the new time clocks you sent me a while ago are working great! The supervisors have expressed to me that they spend less time filling out missed punch forms as well as trying to verify what time an em­ployee enters and leaves the building. Overall, the clocks have saved me valu­able time - I don't spend half of my mornings fixing missed punches from the day before. They save me about three and a half hours each day, and processing payroll is a pleasure.

Tina Ferrante, Director of HR
Hampton Ridge

We were impressed with the ease at which the Smartlinx mobile solution enhanced our current scheduling processes. Empowering our workforce to manage their schedules regardless of where they are has improved efficiencies and employee satisfaction across our team.

Todd Schemider, Senior VP of Employee Services
Trilogy Health Services

Smartlinx PBJ reporting took me 45 seconds to run, and an additional 2 minutes to go ahead and submit to CMS, com­pared to 60 hours with our old payroll vendor. I would highly recommend Smartlinx to any person who is looking for a PBJ partner, for a payroll processor, and for a scheduling tool. It's just incredible, and its definitely worth every penny.

Mordechai Finkel, Director of HR
Greek American

Many HRIS systems will provide you with the typical standard features offered through Smartlinx. For me, allowing the programming of very specific time and attendance structures, over many different locations and for many platforms within each location (union/non-union) has been key. Customer Support is phenomenal and very easy to work with. The healthcare field has very specific, rules and regulations. being able to customize the many variables of such is extremely important.

Dayna Quinn, Sr. Manager of Payroll Services
NexCare Health Systems

Operating as a non-profit organization, our goal is to manage without compromising our quality of care. Our previous payroll system was rigid and unable to help us manage ongoing compliance issues, including ACA Form 1095-C and Payroll-Based Journal reporting. Smartlinx provided great value. We feel a real sense of partnership and are confident and excited to be moving forward with the Smartlinx team.

Billy Conol, Director of Accounting
Aldersgate Healthcare

We have been with Smartlinx since 2010 - that has been a great decision for our facility. The amount of time saved on scheduling has allowed our department managers and supervisors to dedicate more time for our residents. Scheduling staff is no longer viewed as stressor because most of our employees have been set up with rotations. Having the schedule integrate right into the time keeping a payroll process down from an entire day's process to just a couple of hours. The way Smartlinx stays on top of the changing regulations for SN F's has also been a relief for us - when we needed to comply with the ACA and PBJ reporting requirements wasn't a big deal because the information was already being tracked by Smartlinx. Our facility would recommend Smartlinx to any SNF.

Amanda Todd, Director of HR
Spring Valley Senior Living

Smartlinx has been a great decision and has exceeded our expectations. The PBJ reporting, and the increased efficiency with Scheduling and Time & Attendance tracking, has more than paid for the program itself.

Troy Raines, Administrator
The Lions Center for Rehabilitation

Smartlinx allows me to make sure each of our units aren't overstaffed. With overtime so big in the industry and such shortages in nurses and CNAs, the usage of Smartlinx allows us to actually limit our overtime. Every time I take on an entity or a facility, within 2-3 months I'm already eliminating 25% of the overtime which the old company had. If you want to have a software that will make your life easier, eliminate overtime, be able to schedule appropriately, be able to do your time and attendance, your payroll, your human resources, your business analytics, your applicant tracking, Smartlinx in your software.

Arthur Cooperberg, VP of Finance
Cassena Care

We have been using Smartlinxfor several months. We were looking for a system for both Time and Attendance and Scheduling, and Smartlinx was the only full-featured system with the management capabilities, flexibility, price, tech support, and maintenance plan that met our requirements. Without doubt the system has paid for itself already.

Monica Bustamante, CIO

We think the Smartlinx product and the suite are pretty awesome. We very much enjoy, like, and use the product every day. We've saved a lot of money on overtime - six figures. We also have less payroll staff running around the building - our payroll staff is down to about 1.SFTEs for 1200+ individuals. We're able to manage our staffing hours better and have a much tighter control on overtime hours. Smartlinx has been very responsive to us as a customer, and we're delighted with the decision we've made.

Michael Rosenblut, President & CEO

Having the components of HR, Time & Attendance, PBJ, and the other features under one umbrella is the most helpful thing to us as a company. We appreciate the ease of use and how Smartlinx understands the long-term care industry.

Maribeth Shelton, Assistant Administrator
Cumberland Valley Manor

Smartlinx Time and Attendance system is unmatched in the payroll world. Its functionality simply cannot be beaten. We have been with 2 previous providers each had system limitations that could not be resolved. We ultimately moved away from them because they didn’t have the reporting capability we needed.

Jillian Coons
Employee Relations Human Resources

Staffing Marketplace reduces the amount of time we need to communicate with our agency vendors partners regarding things like badge IDs and reporting agency shift hours. Now we can easily create a report in Spotlight that we can share with the agency vendors to make sure hours are accurate and we also get to use that same report to do our PBJ reporting. It takes all that manual administrative work off our plates.

Leslie Wilson, Finance Executive Controller
Tara Cares

From the onset of rolling out Rain, our staff were shocked that we were offering a form of daily pay. Once we announced it, of course, there was an influx of individuals signing up or inquiring. They were very interested. We were immediately able to start marketing Rain as a recruiting tool. It absolutely differentiated us and made us competitive as potential employers and added to employee satisfaction. It’s a no-cost benefit to us.

Lawanda Foster, MBA, Chief Human Resources Officer
Tara Cares

Before Smartlinx I was not able to predict my PBJ reporting. With Smartlinx, I have visibility to performance, in real-time, giving me the ability to adjust and improve my star rating.

Arthur Cooperberg, Vice President of Finance/HR
Cassena Care

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