Streamlined Operations

You’ve got a lot on your plate. And struggling with multiple systems or manual processes doesn’t help. SmartLinx streamlines your daily operations, so you can keep business humming and handle any surprises without missing a beat.

Simplify the complex

Everything about SmartLinx is designed to make daily scheduling, attendance, payroll, and HR tasks easier for both management and employees. That means fewer clicks. Faster processing. Anytime access. Increased automation. If it frees you up, we build it in.

a person using smartlinx while on a laptop

Accessible & automated
Keep your staff coordinated

Instantly notify your staff of open shifts and empower them to accept shifts with a few clicks via their mobile devices. All employee communication is kept in one location, so your whole team can get the information they need right when they need it.

Get things done anytime, anywhere

With SmartLinx, daily tasks such as accounting for overtime or approving PTO requests can be handled right on your mobile phone. With user-friendly menus and navigation, it’s easy for you to keep your organization running smoothly on the fly.

Visualize success. Literally.

Where are the inefficiencies in your workforce? The opportunities? With SmartLinx, they’ll be easier to see. Using real-time data, we cut through the clutter to help you identify what areas you need to focus on so you can work proactively, not reactively.

Let's streamline the way you operate

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