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No matter your industry, role or goal, Smartlinx helps you simplify the complex, cut through the clutter, and uncover hidden opportunities.
They talk to each other. Share real-time data. Integrate seamlessly to give you a fast, intuitive, and completely connected experience. Together, our unified product suite is all you need to enable your workforce to perform at its best, and you at yours. Go ahead and get to know the Smartlinx suite of products.
From setup and implementation, to training and ongoing support, we’re your partner every step of the way.
Welcome to our Resource Hub, devoted to overcoming the daily challenges of workforce management. From employee engagement and staffing to scheduling and compliance — let's make work, work better!
At Smartlinx, our end goal is to enable our customers to harness the potential of their greatest asset: people.


Meet The Team

Marina Aslanyan

Chief Executive Officer

Gregor Morela

Chief Financial Officer

Mary Ann Mirto

Chief Customer Officer
Baris Vural

Baris Vural

Chief Revenue Officer
Michelle Holmes

Michelle Holmes

Head of Marketing

Michelle Northey

Chief Product Officer
Shonna Andersen

Shonna Andersen

Head of People and Culture
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