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Nurse Scheduling

Census-Driven scheduling software built for skilled nursing.

Seamlessly Manage Shifts

Seamlessly Manage Shifts

You prioritize offering trusted care for your patientsand it’s our priority to help you get there. We understand the demands of management in assisted living and senior care facilities, and we offer the tools to streamline administration for you. Whatever your requirements, you can depend on our intuitive nurse scheduling software to help optimize your operations. Work with us for solutions tailored to your healthcare institution’s unique demands.

Address your operational requirements and maximize efficiency when you choose our solutions. We understand that you have many priorities to balance in your day-to-day work at your healthcare facility, and we’re here to help with scheduling optimization.

Handle your scheduling needs quickly and efficiently with our software. With just a few clicks, generate a detailed schedule that matches your current needs. Need to find replacements for staffing or make last-minute updates? Reschedule easily with our mobile access features and automated processing capabilities.

Create and Adjust Schedules in Real Time

Create and Adjust Schedules in Real Time

Develop custom schedules that fit your unique requirements with acuity and PPD census. With key data metrics to develop scheduling plans, optimize your staff productivity and ensure full coverage for shifts.

Access robust scheduling and management tools with our optimized software that puts all the capabilities you need at your fingertips. Our schedule system is made for you, and it works with your facility’s individual needs. With automation tools, save yourself time and effort and quickly set up the ideal schedule for each day’s operations. Partner with us to address your requirements and ensure you’re providing the best care for your patients.

Build your schedule and feature accessibility to suit your needs with advanced customization options. We offer flexibility and real-time data features to be highly responsive to your facility’s situation. Whether it’s personnel rotations or specific regulations you need to address, quickly and effectively schedule around challenges and staff with robust nurse scheduling tools.

Manage Payroll and Tracking With Our Nursing Staff Scheduling Software

Manage Payroll and Tracking With Our Nursing Staff Scheduling Software

Get up-to-date information on scheduling conflicts, overtime, and overruns before they happen so you can prevent costly scheduling issues, get the most from your team, and provide the best possible care for your patients.

With data that offers you a holistic view of your staff scheduling throughout the day, you’re able to stay ahead of unplanned overruns and ensure optimal productivity and cost-efficiency. Maintain CMS compliance and reporting with highly accurate and in-depth data.

Handle Real-Time Requirements With the Nurse Schedule App

Handle Real-Time Requirements With the Nurse Schedule App

Requirements can change quickly in assisted living and senior care facilities, so choose software that can be flexible to accommodate your evolving needs. Manage nurse staffing on the go via your mobile device with our nurse schedule app. You can create and adjust schedules in real-time based on acuity and PPD.

Proactively identify open shifts and fill them seamlessly, without the risk of incurring overtime or the need to call an agency. When your nursing staff needs to see what’s changed, make updates in real-time so they can adjust as needed.

Improve Staff Work-Life Balance

Improve Staff Work-Life Balance

With accessible on-the-go communication capabilities and real-time updates, you can make sure everyone is on the same page throughout the workday. Empower your team to easily coordinate, share needs, and get support to provide quality care for residents.

Nursing staff scheduling software enables personnel to:

  • Access schedules in real-time, view paystubs, and check personal data.
  • Manage payroll inquiries, verify work and salary history, and request time off independently without having to contact HR.
  • Swap or pick up shifts and communicate seamlessly with co-workers in real-time.
  • Take advantage of a user-friendly interface that’s navigable by users with varying technical experience.
  • Engage more fully with your team and provide optimal care for patients.

Optimize Your Processes With an Intuitive Nurse Scheduling System

If you're looking for a solution that can address your most stringent operational requirements, Smartlinx can empower you to take charge of your scheduling. Use our tools to save yourself time and effort while providing optimized schedules for your hardworking staff. When you have the resources you need to put the right people on the job at the right time, you make the work environment better for your team and your patients. Are you interested in learning more about what we have to offer? Reach out to us today and request a demo for more information on our nurse scheduling software solutions.

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