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December 15, 2021 Kimberly Anderson-Mutch



Staffing has always been the biggest hurdle in the healthcare industry, with the need for reliable, qualified staff being hard to find - yet mission critical to your ability to deliver quality care and drive revenue. 


But the eye-popping 255% increase in open nursing positions in the last year and increased need to rely on agency staff has uncovered what is quickly becoming the long-term care industry's second biggest hurdle: efficient and effective agency management. 


With the hassle of paperwork, maddening number of administrative tasks and money wasted on costly human errors, the inability to streamline and automate agency management is, without dispute, getting in the way of facilities ability to deliver quality care and degrading their five-star ratings. 


The problem is obvious – if long-term care administrators can’t fill shifts with nursing staffthey can’t deliver the highest possible quality carenor are they able to grow their facility, extending their care to their greater communities for decades to come. 


That’s why SmartLinx developed the first staffing portal; disruptive technology that will break down boundaries, reduce silos, and enable long-term care facilities to advance care by combining agency and staffing management into one platform.   


Introducing SmartLinx Staffing Marketplace, the only staffing solution that gives operators visibility and control over all their staffing needs in one place. 


Identify and  Fill  Scheduling Gapall  in One Place 
SmartLinx Staffing Marketplace automates agency management for long-term care facility staff and allows you to request and fill shifts from the largest staffing agencies on the market - right from theirSmartLinx platform.They’ll be able to identify  tomorrow’s agency staffing solutions today. 


Our fully integrated system allows long-term care administrators to fill shifts faster than ever before with direct access to staffing agencies - right at their platform.We’re putting an end to the cumbersome process of leaving your platform to complete what should be a simple task.  


This new solution will also help to save long-term care health providers money by eliminating manual labor associated with agency management and protect their bottom line from lost revenue and fines due to double-booking, gaps in care, compliance penalties, and inaccurate invoices. The SmartLinx Staffing solution seamlessly ensures accuracy for reporting by offering users automated and integrated data entry. 


Additionally, our new automated process improves the essential invoice reconciliation process by utilizing clock results, eliminating potential human error and, if applicable, add shifts directly to SmartLinx PBJ reporting. 


Increase Long-Term Care Nursing Job Satisfaction and Retention 
The Staffing Marketplace solution is also projected to increase retention and job satisfaction among healthcare workers as the technology will help to make long-term care staff’s jobs easier, allowing them to be more flexible with their shifts by accessing the staffing marketplace solution, filling open shifts at their preference, and paying them for the work they do right away. 


In fact, 92% of clinicians agree that too much time spent on administrative tasks is a 

major contributor to healthcare worker burnout and employees agree automation will be crucial for their futures: 86% of administrative staff and 93% of clinicians say best-in-class providers prioritize automation. 


As a result, our marketplace solution will support the growth and expansion of quality care. We hope to make it easier for long-term care facility administrators to find qualified staff and fill shifts more quickly, so they can get back on track with fewer scheduling gaps and errors, higher employee retention, and  improved  compliance. 


The Only End-to-End Agency Staffing Solution of its Kind 
SmartLinx staffing marketplace provides an easier, all-in-one, and more sustainable way to fill agency staffing shifts. 


With the click of a button the SmartLinx Marketplace will automatically:  

  • Assign qualified agency employees to SmartLinx with all necessary information
  • Provide assigned agency staff with instructions on how to punch in using your SmartLinx Timeclock 
  • Communicate punch times with the agency 
  • Cancel any unanswered agency shift request for you once a shift is filled
  • Improve your invoice reconciliation process by utilizing clock results, eliminating potential human error
  • Add shifts to your SmartLinx PBJ reporting when applicable

With SmartLinx Staffing Marketplace, long-term care providers can step into the future of agency staffing and have more confidence in their ability to minimize and control the risk within the long-term care industry’s increasing dependence on agency staff, all while solving for the needs and wants of those staff.


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