Smartlinx Staffing Marketplace Mobilizes Industry’s Top Workforce Providers to Help Solve Nurse Shortages

April 28, 2023

Marketplace scales with new partners, Gale and ShiftMed, automating access to approximately 600,000 quality nursing professionals across the country 

ISELIN, N.J., April 20, 2023 -- Smartlinx, a leading provider of cloud-based workforce management solutions for the long-term care and senior living industries, today announced they have integrated their first to market Staffing Marketplace platform with the industry’s leading workforce providers, Gale and ShiftMed. Now clients have more flexibility and choice to fill shifts when they need it most, and greater visibility and control over their contingent labor costs.  

A part of Smartlinx Workforce Management Platform, the Marketplace connects healthcare organizations to on-demand workforce providers across the U.S. The Smartlinx platform combined with Staffing Marketplace provides clients real-time visibility into a facility's entire staffing ecosystem, in one place, so organizations can make better business decisions around their workforce. It offers clients the ability to both reduce nurse shortages on-demand, and better predict, plan, schedule and control staffing costs, with the added benefit of end-to-end staff compliance for both internal and supplemental workforce. 

According to a recent survey by American Health Care Association (AHCA)*, 84% of nursing homes face moderate to high levels of staffing shortages and 45% of nursing homes say their overall workforce situation has gotten worse since 2022. In addition, 96% of nursing homes are experiencing difficulty hiring staff and more than half of nursing homes are limiting new admissions due to staffing shortages. With Staffing Marketplace, Smartlinx is working to help clients solve these staffing shortages through technology. 

“Our clients continue to be plagued by the industry’s nurse staffing shortages. By adding leading workforce providers, Gale and ShiftMed, into our Staffing Marketplace, we’ve made it easier for our clients to find quality staff to help reduce nurse shortages," said Marina Aslanyan, CEO, Smartlinx. “These new partnerships are an example of our continued commitment to the long-term care and senior living industry, using technology to help clients solve their top workforce challenges today and into the future.” 

The Marketplace is open by design to offer clients more staffing choices. Smartlinx is committed to strengthening the Marketplace with more partners to help clients fill shifts faster and save money on operational inefficiencies.  

The Marketplace offers a seamless, API-driven integration with on-demand workforce providers, which gives facilities the ability to access supplemental nurses within the Smartlinx platform. Clients can see both full-time and supplemental staff availability in one platform, so they can fill shifts faster and better predict costs. In addition, direct care hours are now in one system, which helps make PBJ compliance reporting easier and more accurate. It also helps eliminate the manual tracking of nurses for labor management and invoice reconciliation.  

“With the nursing shortage persisting, healthcare facilities are continuing to report issues with filling open shifts. Through ShiftMed’s integration with Smartlinx, it is now easier than ever for these facilities to reach optimal staffing levels without the time-consuming process of manual employee onboarding,” said Todd Walrath, CEO of ShiftMed. “Not only will facilities now have access to ShiftMed’s pool of on-demand healthcare professionals, employee’s data with digital credentials will be automatically transferred into the Smartlinx platform for fast and simple employee management.” 

“Gale Healthcare is excited about this new technology partnership with Smartlinx to help healthcare communities meet their workforce management challenges,” said Tony Braswell, President and Founder. “As a leading tech-enabled provider of temporary nursing staff, our national network of clinicians will be available to an even larger network of healthcare providers, so more people get the care they deserve.” 

About Smartlinx 
Smartlinx’s unified workforce management platform is ushering in 21st-century technology to the healthcare industry and their employees. Smartlinx is designed to empower facility owners and caregivers to meet today’s standard of work. From scheduling, time and attendance, and payroll, to compliance, human resources, and business insights, Smartlinx provides the tools needed to plan and adapt to evolving workforce needs. For more information, please visit or call 877-501-1310. 

About ShiftMed 
ShiftMed is a next-generation workforce management platform that connects hospitals and skilled nursing facilities to the highest quantity and quality of allied healthcare professionals (CNAs, LPNs, RNs, PTs, and Community Health Workers). As the #1 nursing jobs mobile app on the App Store, ShiftMed serves more than 1,500 enterprise healthcare partners in 110 markets across the country by offering software tools and direct access to labor for shift scheduling. As featured on the TODAY show, ShiftMed's on-demand platform dramatically streamlines the delivery of care services and supplies healthcare providers with compliant, credentialed workers to fulfill their staffing needs faster than any other solution. For more information, visit

About Gale: 

Gale Healthcare Solutions provides a digital platform that connects healthcare providers to temporary healthcare workers. The first company to offer an “on demand” supplemental workforce management solution for the post-acute industry, and the first to provide nursing professionals with same-day pay, Gale has one of the fastest growing networks of supplemental clinicians in the country and serves thousands of healthcare clients across 40 states. For more information, please visit and follow the company on Facebook, Instagram,  LinkedIn and Twitter

*Source: State of the Nursing Home Industry Report 2023, ACHA 

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