SmartLinx Enhances Mobile App to Increase Employee Productivity

July 10, 2019

SmartLinx Go now empowers employees with the ability to swap shifts and track remote workers

ISELIN, N.J. (July 17, 2019) — SmartLinx, a leader in workforce management solutions, today announced a product expansion for its popular mobile app, SmartLinx Go, that further engages healthcare employees by enabling them to take control of their schedules and quickly close scheduling gaps.

“Engaged employees make it a point to show up to work and do more work -- highly engaged business units realize a 41% reduction in absenteeism and a 17% increase in productivity. Engaged workers also are more likely to stay with their employers. In high-turnover organizations, highly engaged business units achieve 24% less turnover,” according to Gallup.

SmartLinx Go increases employee engagement by giving workers the ability to check real-time schedules, attendance and pay-related resources, which helps them balance work-life responsibilities.

“Since we’ve been using SmartLinx Go, we’ve been able to fill scheduling gaps up to 10 times faster than before. Our employees love being able to view their schedules, respond to open shift requests, and swap shifts on their mobile device. They also really appreciate real-time notifications on PTO and other requests,” said Arthur Cooperberg, VP of Finance at Cassena Care.

Employees enjoy an intuitive, end-to-end experience that informs key decisions, such as what open shifts to pursue and whether to take PTO or swap a shift when they need the day off. Managers appreciate the ability to quickly close scheduling gaps.

“Each feature in SmartLinx Go was designed with today’s healthcare worker in mind and tested to ensure an intuitive experience. We are committed to expanding our unified workforce management suite with capabilities that help clients work more efficiently and effectively,” said SmartLinx CEO Marina Aslanyan.

New SmartLinx Go features boost productivity

Enable employees to swap shifts in real-time

SmartLinx Go helps employees proactively address scheduling challenges and quickly resolve conflicts without involving managers in each task. In addition to letting employees respond to scheduling changes in real-time, SmartLinx Go now enables them swap shifts with qualified co-workers. When they cannot work a scheduled shift, employees can easily find eligible co-workers and arrange to swap shifts using SmartLinx Go instead of calling out. Managers receive a full audit history as well as final approval.

Support remote work site and employees

Created especially for long-term care, senior living, and assisted living providers, SmartLinx Go provides on-the-go support for busy healthcare professionals, including the ability to work at remote locations. The new Geo Fencing capability allows employees to punch in from authorized worksites, while enabling managers to ensure employees are in the right place at the right time.

Key benefits

On the go support: Users can check their schedules and assigned units, plan time off, manage timecards, and access pay information.

• Self-scheduling: Employees can sign up for open shifts and swap shifts with manager approval.

Remote worksite support: Authorized employees can punch in from remote worksites with manager oversight.

Real-time notifications: Employees receive alerts for scheduling changes, available open shifts, and responses to requests via text, email, or inapp notifications.

Streamlined employer scheduling: SmartLinx Go automatically pushes schedules and updates to all employees.

SmartLinx is in the business of optimizing human potential through a single unified workforce management suite—from scheduling and time & attendance to payroll and compliance and more.

About SmartLinx

SmartLinx makes work, work better. Used in thousands of leading organizations, the SmartLinx solutions suite helps manage people and processes by harnessing the power of real-time data. Its solutions suite includes talent acquisition and onboarding, human resources, benefits and payroll, time & attendance, scheduling, compliance, and business analytics. For more information visit or call 877-501-1310. ####

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