Using AI to Help Address Pain Points in Elder Care Industry

June 9, 2021

Insights from SmartLinx CTO Anil Chillarige featured in

Gaps in the resources available at senior care facilities appeared wide as canyons when the spread of COVID-19 made itself known in these centers.

And, where there weren’t enough humans, artificial intelligence showed potential to patch holes.

Although the ballooning of the world’s aging population set off discussion starting several years back — headlines touted a coming “revolution” in that industry — regarding AI’s role in care for the elderly, three-decade tech sector veteran Anil Chillarige said it’s only now starting to materialize.

“This technology just had not been applied to the senior care space to the extent it could be,” he said.

Chillarige is chief technology officer of a company involved in the industry’s more AI-friendly transformation. He’s helping guide SmartLinx, an Iselin-based leader in cloud workforce management solutions for senior care providers.

It’s advanced algorithms and machine learning technologies that Chillarige hopes will address some of what he calls long-existing “pain points” in the senior care business — or challenges for those staffing facilities and those receiving the care that got a whole lot more painful during the pandemic.

Read the full story in to learn more about the advanced technologies like artificial intelligence that are brining new hope to the senior care industry. 

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