Three Ways Digital Transformation Can Address The Senior Care Staffing Crisis

May 6, 2021 Marina Aslanyan


COVID-19 has disrupted virtually every aspect of the senior care industry, magnifying existing challenges and creating new ones. It's turned a looming staffing shortage in a crisis of epic proportions. Exhausted employees left at alarming rates as turnover and burnout soared from a record high of 29% in late 2019 to a national average of 128% with some facilities reporting a 300% turnover rate, according to recent research.

While operators implemented new measures to protect residents, they struggled to compensate for the staffing shortage. Experts cite inadequate staffing as a contributor to Covid-19's rapid spread throughout many post-acute and long-term care facilities, as overworked employees inadvertently spread the virus when caring for residents with limited resources. 

Thankfully, a new day is dawning as residents receive vaccines and operators ease restrictions. However, the staffing epidemic continues as operators strive to recruit and retain talent. The aging Baby Boomer population promises to intensify this need, which threatens to leave millions of Americans without the necessary level of care. 

Fortunately, digital transformation can help address many of these staffing issues. It's already transformed much of the business world in recent years while senior care stood by watching. 

You can the full article by SmartLinx CEO Marina Aslanyan in Forbes HR Council. 


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Marina Aslanyan

Marina Aslanyan joined SmartLinx Solutions as CEO in January 2014. She provides pivotal perspective on SaaS strategy, organization, operations, and customer service.

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