SmartLinx Tips: Creating Company Holidays for Next Year

November 8, 2016 Brandon Tahquette

SmartLinx Tips: Company Holidays for the New YearThe end of the year is rapidly approaching. During this time, SmartLinx users are wrapping up a lot of things on their collective plates. We found that with so much going on, one important piece of SmartLinx is commonly overlooked – updating Company Holidays for the New Year.

We have seen cases where users have forgotten to update the Company Holidays for the next year.

So, once all of the holiday festivities are done and everyone is coming back to work in January, no one is getting paid for the New Year’s holiday!

Don’t be alarmed, the good news is that you can spend a short amount of time now and prevent this issue from ever occurring.

Company Holiday dates are defined at the facility level of the organization tree from the View menu in Time and Attendance and Schedule Optimizer.

As you can see below in Fig. 1, you will navigate to Configuration and then Company Holidays.

SmartLinx Company Holidays Fig 1

SmartLinx Company Holidays Fig 1

After clicking “Company Holidays”, the screen will default to the holiday setup for the current year.

From here, you can change the year to 2017 and begin manually entering each holiday date and the corresponding start/end times.

Even better, you can also use the “Copy to Year” feature. As long as there are no major changes in your holidays, using the “Copy to Year” feature is the best way to update your holidays from one year to the next.

SmartLinx Company Holidays Fig 2

SmartLinx Company Holidays Fig 2

To complete this, you simply click the “Copy to Year” button, make sure the year is correct (2017), and click “Save”.

At this point, most of the work is already done.

Now, you will only need to make sure that any of the holidays whose date changes year after year is updated with the new dates for 2017. Some common examples of this are Memorial Day and Labor Day.

By clicking the blue link in the Holiday column and changing the Date, Start Date, and End Date for those holidays, you will have completely avoided several potential holiday issues for 2017.

If you do all of these and you still have issues with your holidays, no worries, please log on to and create a detailed ticket so that our Support Team can review your issue and provide you with a resolution.


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