Picking the Right Partner: What to Look for in Your Customer Service Team

October 6, 2021 Kimberly Anderson-Mutch


Have you ever had such stellar customer service you were shocked at how seamless the experience was? Or, conversely, a not-so-great customer service interaction that stifled your process? I bet as you read those last two sentences you could quickly pinpoint what went so well…or not so well with those relationships. 


If you’ve been in this likely situation, then you know that a great CX team can mean the difference in your organization’s streamlined success or its clunky journey to failure. That’s why picking the right technology partner, with an implementation crew that’s committed to seeing you through the process from start to finish, is so important.  


From showing genuine interest in getting to know your organization’s unique needs, to tailoring deliverables, and ensuring your employees are trained to effectively use the services they’ve offered, a customer service team should have your back the entire way.  


When it comes to picking the right partner, you need to confirm that not only the product or service you’re buying is a match but that you and your staff have the support you need to use it to its full potential. 


So, what should you be looking for in a customer service team?


What to Look for in a Customer Service Team 

When you first begin collaborating with a potential partner, it’s important to get a feel for how they deliver customer service. You’ll want to ensure that you’re able to develop a transparent relationship with your CX representative, confirming they prioritize your needs. 


Some key indicators that you’re working with a good implementation team is that they: 

  • Anticipate your needsoffering updated solutions and integrations before you need to request them. 
  • Are easy to do business with. The way the team is structured, the systems they have in place, and their process should all be designed to make your relationship easier, not more cumbersome 
  • Communicate effectively and in a timely manner, so you’re never left hanging. 

Quality customer service is incredibly important because it complements the product or service you’re receiving and strengthens the relationship between youyour service provider and your employees 


















Picking the Right Customer Service Team 

A successful CX team will deliver service from a customer-centricholistic approach, ensuring they’re nurturing great relationships with you and others in your workforce. 


Not only can extraordinary customer service be a competitive differentiator for those providing it, but it can also help create value for those receiving it, helping to reduce turnover and increasing the likelihood your business will succeed. 


For example, we always tell our clients, especially when partnering with a Long-Term Care SaaS provider, that they should look for these several critical characteristics when interacting with a customer service department. 


The Golden Rule of a Good Customer Service Individual

It’s important to remember that skills can be taught, but there are certain traits that differentiate a “good” and “great” customer service expert. 


For instance, your customer service representative should have strong capabilities in emotional intelligence or EQ.  

This person should be able to understand you as an audience and have the innate sense to adjust their delivery or communication style based on who they’re speaking to i.e., a C-level executive or an end-user. 


Quality customer care is a crucial factor between a not so good and a great experience for a company’s consumers. And when you have strong industry expertise, genuine care and appreciation for the community you’re working withyou win awards 


Want to learn more about identifying the right customer service team? Reach out to our award-winning specialists at hello@smartlinx.com 


More About Smartlinx: Caring for Those Who Care  

In 2000, we started out as business owners, frustrated by the lack of a purpose-built scheduling solution that the industry desperately needed. Work wasn’t working for us, so we created our own solution, and SmartLinx was born. We’re a 16-Stevie-award-winning SaaS company, supporting hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers across the nation through the healthcare providers we serve. For more information, visit us at SmartLinx.com. 

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