How to Make Payroll-Based Journal Easy

June 22, 2021 Tom Jegou

Insights from SmartLinx Payroll-Based Journal Guru Thomas Jeguo featured in McKnight's Long-Term Care News

As reporting standards go, Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) reporting stands out as notoriously difficult. It involves a lot of labor and can be prone to ratings-endangering errors.

Meeting the Payroll-Based Journal reporting requirement is even harder for facilities that try to do it manually or piece it together with different systems. It’s particularly challenging for many facilities to meet the requirement of having a registered nurse on site at least eight hours a day, seven days a week.

While technology can aid in this reporting, not all Payroll-Based Journal software is made equal. Some PBJ reporting programs simply help skilled nursing operators collect historical data to more easily assemble reports. What really makes an impact is software that collects and stores staffing and attendance data continuously, which enables real-time compliance tracking.

Proactive Payroll-Based Journal systems can help operators advance business goals by improving facility reputation with better Five-Star Ratings and employee engagement.

Read the full story in McKnight's Long-Term Care News.

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About the Author

Tom Jegou

As Compliance Expert at SmartLinx, Tom Jegou oversees SmartLinx innovations in our payroll and compliance systems. Tom is focused on transforming client needs into leading-edge products. Tom leads cross-functional teams from a product's conception through to its launch. Tom led the design of the 1095-C and Payroll-Based Journal reporting features in the WorkLinx<sup style="font-size: 60%;">TM</sup> suite. Since 1996, Tom has worked with every aspect of Human Capital Management Systems. He has defined, supported, implemented and managed Payroll, Time and Labor and HR systems. Tom is a Certified Payroll Professional through American Payroll Association.

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