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How to Dramatically Boost Staff Performance Using Psychological Techniques

February 2, 2018

You don't have to be a psychologist to get the most out of your staff, but if you’re managing people in long-term and senior care, you do need to know how to use psychology to your advantage.

Our webinar features Eleanor Feldman Barbera, Ph.D., author of the popular McKnight’s column “The World According to Dr. El.” Dr. El shares proven psychological techniques that you can easily implement for immediate results.

Learning Objectives:

  • Using ‘Nudge’ Principles to Prompt Staff
  • How to Terminate with Tenderness
  • Say ‘So Long’ to Silos!
  • Management/Staff Differences
  • The Benefits of a Staff Psychologist
  • Long-Term Care: A Psychologist’s Perspective

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