McKnight's Online Forum: Staffing in a Crisis

April 27, 2020

How Senior Care Facilities are Dealing with COVID-19

Even before the pandemic hit, skilled nursing and senior living facilities faced mounting staffing challenges due to the looming nursing shortage and high employee turnover.

Now senior care facilities face even greater staffing challenges as stand on the frontline batting COVID-19 and striving to protect residents and employees from infection.

To help senior care providers navigate these unprecedented hardships, SmartLinx subject matter experts share best practices and insights from across the industry.  

This webinar:

  • Explores the staffing crisis facing senior care facilities, including how the pandemic is creating new staffing problems and intensifying existing ones.
  • Identifies creative ways to manage the staffing crisis and support frontline caregivers.
  • Recommends best scheduling/attendance management practices to accommodate this new reality while protecting residents and employees.
  • Reviews workforce operations to support evolving laws that are affecting employees and resident care.
  • Discusses ways to protect employees from exhaustion and infection.
  • Identifies processes to quickly resolve scheduling problems.
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Staffing for Success in the Pandemic - Senior Living Expo 2020

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