Employee Scheduling for Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities are in operation 24 hours per day, seven days a week, 365 days per year. Care providers need to schedule personnel appropriately. Managing schedules manually while ensuring that employees have the necessary training to perform specific tasks can pose significant challenges.

At SmartLinx, we offer employee scheduling software for assisted living to help streamline and optimize your operation. Our system addresses the problems associated with manual scheduling and provides managers with the necessary tools to run their operations more efficiently.

Assisted Living Staff Scheduling Software

Our software helps you create the ideal schedule every time, factoring in your employees’ days worked, hours accumulated, and PPD totals. Our tools will enable you to manage your staffing requirements with automatic schedule generation based on real-time census data along with real-time reports and updates, like overtime and agency usage. Control the daily schedules of your entire staff, from aides to caregivers to housekeepers to nurses. Our tools will enable you to manage your staffing requirements with automatic schedule generation based on real-time census data along with real-time reports and updates, like overtime and agency usage.

Use employee scheduling software from SmartLinx to manage payroll, organize shifts, track time and attendance, and schedule daily tasks. SmartLinx is a single, integrated platform that’s easy to use. By simplifying the complex with easier scheduling software and putting the right people on the job at the right time, you’ll improve the working environment for your team and ensure the best care throughout your facility.

Improve Staff Communication

Beyond providing managers and administrators with the tools they need for scheduling, our software helps employees stay connected with each other. Our system provides updates and communication abilities to your employees, allowing them to share their needs and coordinate their schedules. Some of the features our system enables employees to engage in include:

  • Checking personal information, accessing schedules, and viewing pay stubs.
  • Punching in and out of their assigned shifts.
  • Requesting time off and managing payroll inquiries.
  • Updating availability to managers.
  • Collaborating with co-workers to trade or pick up extra shifts.
  • Access early wages with Rain, Instant Pay.

Our software features a mobile app that allows both employees and managers to update information whenever they’re on the go. Use our app to create and submit timesheets, view assignments, check messages, access pay stubs and even have the option to access early wages from the convenience of a smartphone.

Nurse Scheduling for Assisted Living

One of the most critical staffing requirements for assisted living facilities is the coordination of nurse scheduling. Our nurse scheduling program allows is the only software to combine internal and agency staff management, allowing you to assign shifts separately or in an integrated program with your other assisted living employees. See real-time data like punch times, agency usage, and overtime tracking on one consolidated dashboard. These tools better utilize resources to lower overtime costs and optimize spending on staffing.

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Employee Engagement

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Regulatory Compliance

Automate compliance to state and federal regulations to boost your reputation and reduce risk.

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Staff Performance

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