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SmartLinx Tips for Handling Holiday Pay

Holiday Season is right around the corner and along with it comes paid company holidays.

Smartlinx wants to be sure you and your company are prepared.

Some helpful hints for our users to review before a holiday to ensure employees are paid correctly:

  • Ensure your company holiday has been built within WorkLinx. Holidays are built at each facility and must be created prior to the actual holiday. For our clients, please review our Knowledge Base article: How-To Add a Company Holiday.
  • Ensure employees have pay policies assigned to them. Holidays are primarily pay policy rule based, so if the employee does not have a pay policy assigned, it is fairly safe to assume the employee won't have Holiday rules or pay working. Please review our Knowledge Base article: How-To Create a New Pay Policy .

Some helpful hints to review after a holiday to ensure employees are paid correctly:

  • Please review our Knowledge Base article: Employee Didn't Receive Holiday Pay.This will provide more information on ensure the employee was scheduled and clocked in correctly along with other items to review in regards to employees holiday pay.
  • Please note that if you build your company holiday in the WorkLinx system after the holiday day has passed you will need to build a support ticket in order for the holiday rules to apply for the specific day.

Taking some time now to ensure your employees and holidays are configured correctly will save you time and effort this Holiday Season.

Learn more about WorkLinx, our comprehensive workforce management solution.


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