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SmartLinx Addresses Healthcare Employee Turnover by Partnering with Rain to Deliver On-Demand Pay

SmartLinx Addresses Healthcare Employee Turnover by Partnering with Rain to Deliver On-Demand Pay

SmartLinx looks to help employers improve retention by alleviating the recent increase in financial insecurity plaguing healthcare workers

ISELIN, N.J. (January 13th, 2021) – SmartLinx, a leading provider of cloud workforce management solutions, announced its collaboration with Rain, a global leader in financial wellness. Through this partnership, SmartLinx looks to address today's challenges with financial insecurity, hiring and retaining skilled workers, and reducing employee turnover in the healthcare sector. This collaboration expands SmartLinx' solution offerings to deliver Rain's robust, on-demand pay and financial tool kit functionality directly to employees using SmartLinx without requiring payroll integration or post-payroll reconciliation, at no cost to the employer or employee.

Since the start of the pandemic, 1 in 3 healthcare workers has experienced financial insecurity. These financial difficulties are not only stressful for employees and their families, but they are also incredibly disruptive and distracting and can potentially lead to delivery of lower quality of care. Access to wages and greater financial freedom provides an opportunity to improve nurse and patient experience. In fact,  nearly 60% of employees state that they would work harder for an employer that provided same day pay.

“Our workforce management integration with Rain gives our clients the opportunity to support their workforce through immediate access and relief to wages for participating employees,” said Mary Ann Mirto, Chief Customer Officer, SmartLinx. “This partnership is just one additional solution in which we bring our mission of “Caring for Those Who Care”, alive.”

By integrating Rain with SmartLinx Workforce Management and the Go Mobile App, SmartLinx clients can now give employees access to more control and flexibility over how and when they are paid. This effortless process enables employees to get paid up to 50% of their earnings, after each shift, instead of waiting until payday, resulting in higher productivity, reduced stress, decreased turnover, and increased job applicants.

"We are excited partner with SmartLinx in the on-demand pay space,” said Alex Bradford, CEO, and co-founder of Rain. “Rain is a comprehensive financial wellness platform that puts employees on a path to financial freedom while helping employers drive engagement, productivity, retention, and recruiting. Together we look forward to serving SmartLinx's clients through this partnership."

About SmartLinx
In 2000, we started out as business owners, frustrated by the lack of a purpose-built scheduling solution that the industry desperately needed. Work wasn't working for us, so we created our own solution, and SmartLinx was born. We're a 16-Stevie-award-winning SaaS company, supporting hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers across the nation through the healthcare providers we serve. For more information, please visit http://www.SmartLinx.com.

About Rain
Rain is the largest on-demand pay provider globally with operations in the US, India, Brazil, and the EU. Rain provides on-demand pay and other financial wellness benefits to employees of mid- to large-sized organizations. Rain's mission is to kill predatory financial products and guide people to financial freedom. Find out more at https://rain.us.

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