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Understanding Best Practice ACA Compliance Strategies

July 31, 2017

Many employers still have a lot of questions about best practice Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance strategies - from determining whether to "pay or play" and understanding all the factors in calculating the cost of compliance, to assessing the impact of ACA compliance on technology strategy and updating processes.

In this webinar, we zero in on the issues and discuss best practices for Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance and the leveraged use of technology, including SmartLinx ACA director, a solution that is already in use by our clients.

From where to start and what to consider when formulating, implementing, and executing ACA compliance strategies, to setting up best practice processes and leveraging technology for accuracy, timeliness, and easing the path to ACA compliance, this webinar provides information valuable to every workforce manager.

Find out how the SmartLinx proactive workforce analytics and management solution can help manage the complexities of compliance. Built for organizations of all sizes and able to fit into existing technology environments, SmartLinx helps organizations implement effective ACA strategy, and meet ongoing compliance goals.

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