7 Secrets to PBJ Success

August 15, 2019

Reach for Five Stars with Strategies to Improve Staffing

Did you know 75% of skilled nursing facilities fail to meet federal staffing requirements required for Five Star Ratings?

Star ratings can make or break your reputation as a long-term care provider. However, most skilled facilities don’t meet CMS staffing requirements, according to a July 2019 report that studied 15,000+ nursing homes.

“One troubling aspect of our findings is that 75% of nursing homes were almost never in compliance with what CMS expected their RN staffing level to be, based on residents’ acuity,” wrote the authors Fangli Geng, David Stevenson, and David Grabowski of Harvard and Vanderbilt universities in the July 2019 report.

Watch this exclusive webinar for practical strategies that will help you properly staff your LTC facilities and fulfill Payroll-Based Journal requirements.

You'll learn how to:

  • Simplify Payroll-Based Journal reporting.
  • Understand CMS format and reporting requirements.
  • Create and maintain proper schedules.
  • Predict your staffing star rating.
  • Resolve issues that can prohibit compliance.
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