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How Senior Care Operators Can Thrive in a Post-COVID-19 World

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COVID-19 clobbered long-term care and post-acute care operations, infecting residents and staff, upending operations, and triggering intense media and public scrutiny.

Before the pandemic hit,  many senior care operators faced staffing challenges due to the nursing shortage but otherwise anticipated a stable outlook. Total market capitalization for senior housing and care estimated at $475 billion.

The pandemic exposed vulnerabilities in operating models across the board with healthcare and senior care providers bearing the heaviest toll. Operators scrambled to develop new processes to protect residents and staff from COVID-19 and manage escalating staffing shortages.

Innovations offer hope for a brighter tomorrow

Fortunately, the vaccine rollout is helping many operators resume a sense of normalcy. As they seek to better navigate a post-COVID world,  senior care operators seek to brace their  operations against future threats and resolve vulnerabilities the pandemic exposed.

Discover How to Adapt in a Post-COVID World: A Practical Guide for Senior Care Operators. They're turning to technology for help.

Unlike many industries that consider technological advancements a competitive edge, senior care operators traditionally adopted a cautious approach. They followed a wait and see practice, preferring to evaluate how new solutions performed in other industries before considering them for their own facilities.  This reactive mindset was considered a prudent way to conserve limited budgets and minimize staff disruption by requiring they learn new systems.

The time has come for senior care operators to jump on the digital transformation bandwagon.

“Even before COVID-19 hit, 92 percent of companies thought their business models would need to change given digitization,” according to the McKinsey Group.

The pandemic proved that what was once considered “value-added” technology offerings are  “must-haves” for optimizing operations and providing quality care.

Digital transformation technologies can help senior care organizations become more agile and efficient and thereby better positioned to adapt to the changing world. However, choosing the right technologies and migration path can prove overwhelming.

Get Help Choosing Your Optimal Digital Transformation Path

The right advice can help you mitigate the risk of technology investments and maximize their impact.  Watch this free webinar How to Adapt in a Post-COVID World: A Practical Guide for Senior Care Operators for help.

You'll learn which digital transformation technologies can help you:

  • Contain costs
  • Source new staff
  • Engage and care for residents
  • Protect residents and staff from infection
  • Support frontline workers
  • Automate processes and streamline operations

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