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eCAP 2022: Building Resilience: Navigating the Standards and Solutions of a Complex Labor Market

While at eCAP, we were inspired by new strategies, engaged in conversations with other Senior Care leaders on how to support each other in a complex market, and generated meaningful relationships with our industry colleagues.

Reflecting on the event, we heard a lot about scheduling challenges, staffing shortages and how best to manage agency usage for the short, and long-term.

In fact, SmartLinx CEO, Marina Aslanyan joined a select group of senior care thought leaders to address just that on a panel called "Building Resilience - Navigating the Standards and Solutions of a Complex Labor Market" in which she addressed:

  • The demand for healthcare workers quickly outpacing supply. COVID-19 has only decreased the attractiveness of an emotionally taxing and stressful field with low wages and difficult physical labor.
  • Cultivating increased satisfaction in the workplace through flexible work scheduling, financial wellness, and increased engagement to reduce turnover and increase employee satisfaction.
  • The SmartLinx Staffing Marketplace provides visibility into your entire staffing ecosystem in real-time—so you can make better business decisions around your largest business expense and take control of your agency spend.

Access the full recording here.


As a result of the panel, Aslanyan was quoted in Skilled Nursing New's article Why Demonizing Staffing Agencies Is Not How Skilled Nursing Will Solve Labor Crisis.

"The latest Skilled Nursing News outlook survey found that roughly 37.5% of respondents expected their organization to utilize staffing agencies more in 2022. Only 26.6% expected their organizations to utilize agencies less

That's a problematic statistic for several reasons, including that agency rates contribute to higher labor costs — and they have been skyrocketing.

While some operators have tried to find ways to limit agency usage, other industry leaders feel that agency doesn't necessarily have to be a “bad word” and there can be a happy medium.

Rather SNFs should focus their sights on recruitment, retention and flexible scheduling when it comes to their own staff, and also involve those who work as agency staff into the facility's culture as well.

That chance for workplace flexibility can't just come on the staffing agency side. It is a necessity even for full-time staff, according to SmartLinx's CEO Marina Aslanyan.

'In today's world, you really have to offer more flexibility to your staff ... it's not the future, it's here today,” she said during the panel. “The staff is looking for flexibility as if they work for the agency even when they're working full time.'"

Access the rest of the article here.

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